Shapewear is a popular garment today and takes up a big part of many women’s cupboards. Shapewear helps to create a slim look of the body, by slimming out any lumps and bumps. Many shapewear garments are worn by celebrities on the red carpet and help to create a more confident and great looking body appearance. Choosing the perfect shapewear can be difficult and often simple mistakes are made. One of the most common mistakes is buying the wrong size. For the shapewear to do its job, you must make sure it fits perfectly.

Seamfree Underwear Shapewear 

The right shapewear creates a slim looking illusion of the body. 

To avoid making the mistake of buying shapewear with the incorrect fit, you need to know your body measurements prior to purchasing. That way, when you look online and have many sizes to choose from, you know exactly what is right for you.

Below are some guidelines on how shapewear should and should not fit. These are particularly important to follow to ensure proper results and comfort when using the garments.

How shapewear should fit?

  • Should feel tight and secure around the area that it is meant for.
  • Should feel even tighter if it is a “high compression” garment.
  • Should make you feel secure but not uncomfortable.
  • It is normal if your skin is warm under the shapewear garment as it is. meant to produce heat to cause you to sweat more.
  • You should feel confident in the shapewear.

Shapewear – before and after.

How shapewear should not fit?

  • Shapewear should not be too tight, so that your movement is restricted, or you feel uncomfortable.
  • You should be able to perform your day to day tasks without a problem.
  • You should not feel any shortness of breath. If so, remove the garment immediately.
  • You should not have to tug hard to pull the material onto the body. If this is the case, it is too tight for you.
  • There should not be any bulges showing under the clothing. This indicates that the garment is either too big or too tight.

Ladies Seamfree Shapewear

Buy the right size shapewear. It is a fallacy to think that shapewear a size larger is more comfortable or a smaller one provides more support.

Many people often make the mistake of purchasing shapewear that is smaller than their actual size, because they think it will get a slimmer result. However, shapewear that is smaller than it should be does not provide more support. Wearing shapewear that is too small should be avoided as it could make you feel uncomfortable and create unsightly rolls and bulges. 

Taking the time to make sure your shapewear is the perfect fit is extremely important and can affect the way your day will go and how confident you feel.