About Seamfree Underwear

Experience true seamless garment technology. Get a great look and fit, with greater comfort. Our garments are made using cutting edge seamless circular knitting technology that allows us to design, create and knit beautiful seamless garments, that adapt perfectly to the body, making our customers forget that they are actually wearing them.

What makes Seamfree Underwear better?


  • The garments are precisely fitted to the body, producing a smooth, clean look.
  • Seamless garments conform smoothly to your individual shape and produce fewer lines under your clothing, to allow for a more streamline silhouette.
  • The softness of seamless knitwear combined with the use of antimicrobial and hydrophilic yarns creates the best features for shapewear or activewear garments.


  • Wearers love seamless garments because they are forgiving, non-restrictive and are not binding. The lack of seams affords improved comfort as the body moves.
  • With traditional cut-and-sew garments, seams tend to pucker up, and tags chafe against the skin. Our seamless garments feature knitted-in shaping, to eliminate bulky elastics and provide enhanced comfort.
  • The seamless products are all highly elastic, fine fabric, made of micro-fibres, which are extensible and soft, adding create the most comfortable garments.

Quality and Durability

  • Besides offering higher comfort, seamless garments have no waistband failures or side seam failures and are more durable due to the high proportion nylon and elastane fibres.


  • Besides offering higher comfort and better fit to consumers by eliminating seams, the innovative circular knitting technique creates entire garments with minimal intervention of cutting and sewing processes leading higher productivity, low waste and reject rates, quick response, and just in-time production.
  • Seamless garments take 30 percent to 40 percent less time to make than a cut-and-sew version.
  • This allows us to offer a higher quality product than traditional cut-and-sew products, at a better price.

The Environment

  • Unlike a regular knitting machine, which produces yards of the same pattern that needs to be cut and sewn and results in a lot of waste material, a seamless machine produces individual high-quality garments from yarn that is fed into the machine and which then produces a near complete seamless garment, thereby reducing waste fabric.

This makes Seamfree Underwear the obvious choice when acquiring your next pair of underwear, shapewear, activewear or fashion cycle shorts!